Waste & Recycling

Household garbage collection

You are asked to remove the garbage for 7am in the morning.

For the year 2020, the collection of large objects will be carried out throughout the year. You only have to deposit your bulky items with your regular garbage and we will recover the whole. You can also call the municipality and let us know if you have big items.


Considering the official closure of our garbage dump, residents of Denholm have the opportunity to use the Mont-Laurier dumpsite for hazardous materials (819-623-7382) or the one in  Val-des-Monts Perkins area 819-568-0770 or 819-671-4112).


Here is some useful information.

Do not forget that clothes are not recyclable materials.

We ask you to thoroughly rinse your recyclable materials before putting them in the blue bins provided.

Take out the bins before7 am every Wednesday during summertime.

Recycling bins are installed along the main arteries at several strategic locations for the use of non-residents.

For more information on recycling, please visit the following link:http://www.tricentris.com

See also the video below prepared by the MRC.